A Lucky Horseshoe is a wonderful, customizable gift.
It has been known for centuries that a used horseshoe are Lucky charms: brings good luck and protects against evil.
Therefore, there is no better gift (and talisman!)imaginable than a Lucky Horseshoe.
Lucky Charms

Overal in de wereld staan hoefijzers al 1.000 jaar bekend als geluksbrengers (en daarom als talisman). Het is een prachtige belofte en daarom ook een prachtig cadeau.

Schon seit Jahrhunderten sind Hufeisen auf der ganzen Welt als Glücksbringer bekannt und beliebt. Sie stehen für Hoffnung, für Freundschaft, für Liebe, und für die Erfüllung von Träumen. Ein Symbol für die Kraft der guten Wünsche und positiven Gedanken. Wer würde sich nicht über so eine tolle Aufmerksamkeit freuen?


Saint Dunstan

It is said that a blacksmith named Dunstan was once asked to attach horseshoes to a man he believed to be the devil. He did so, and when the devil cried out in pain, he captured him. He let him go on the understanding that the devil would never set foot in a Christian building again. He would know which homes to avoid as they would have a horseshoe hanging above their door. Dunstan became the Archbishop of Canterbury soon after, and is now known as Saint Dunstan. It is now considered very lucky to have a horseshoe above the door.

The wedding horseshoe

The horseshoe is commonly used in equestrian sports as protection of horses’ hoofs. Traditionally, it is known lesser for its practical attributes and more spiritual ones. Recognized as lucky charms the crescent shaped metal talisman is believed to also guard off the evil eye. Legend stems from a story of the Archbishop of Canterbury. St. Dunstan. Once a blacksmith, he was asked by a cloaked horseman to re-shoe him rather than his horse. The blacksmith knew only of one person with cloven heels for feet; the devil himself. St. Dunstan saw this as an opportunity to protect his brethren. With a red hot poker the blacksmith tortured the devil until he agreed never to step foot into a household with a horseshoe.